FAA 145.O64R443Y | EASA 145.6161
Saturday, July 13th, 2024 | 23:05 UTC 

Initial Customer Contract Job Acceptance Audit - Please fill out the two page form and print page 3 for reference when you call.


Contact Information, Name:

Contact Information, Company Name:

Contact Information, Postal/Billing Address:

Contact Information, Phone:

Contact Information, e-mail:

Contact Information, fax:

Engine Serial Number(s) (ESN, one per line)):

AeroEd Representative:

8130-3 Dual Release Requested
        (If Applicable)

Physical Location of Work to be Performed

Destination Airport Code (lookup)

Extra Info, Notes, Cell Number, Deadlines,
A/C Registry, etc.

Requested Start Date:

Total Time and Total Cycles information for each ESN will be REQUIRED for any airworthiness statement or completed 8130-3, please see next screen ->

This program will help you collect the required information necessary to create an inspection job and begin the process of job acceptance and task routing.

Click the Next button when you have filled in the information on this form. Please double check your entries before pressing the Next button.


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